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Soper Ranch is located in central Oklahoma between the towns of Arcadia and Luther. We are about a 15 minute drive from Oklahoma City via I-44 which runs not far from the ranch.

For Sale

Occasionally we sell some of our watusi cattle. Look on our watusi for sale page if you are looking to buy a watusi cow, bull, calf, steer or heifer. If we don't have anything listed for sale, contact us and let us know what you are looking for; we may know of another watusi ranch that has what you're seeking.

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Watusi Cattle

Watusi, sometimes called ankole-watusi or ankole are huge horned cattle originating from Africa. Both male and female have horns. They rarely need assitance when calving and can survive much better than other cattle on poor forage.


BWS Miss Maggie is a 2011 watusi cow out of BWS Miss Stella and BWS Prospect. One of the most talked about cow at Soper Ranch because of her flashy color and up-swept horns.


BWS Miss Queen is a 2012 cow out of BWS Tie Bow and Rockin A Ivey. She is our kids' favorite watusi because of her extremely gentle nature.


BWS Miss Esther is a 2010 cow out of BWS Spotted Thunder and BWS Thunder Rolls. Miss Esther is very gentle and loves to be hand fed cattle cubes.

Soper Ranch

Located in central Oklahoma, the ranch consists of approximately 180 acres of gentle rolling terrain. Our watusi cattle are given plenty of room to roam. With 5 ponds and multiple creeks throughout the ranch, there are plenty of natural water resources for our cattle. The numerous wooded areas also provide wind breaks during the winter and shade during the Summer. Each pasture has at least 1 three-sided shelter to keep our watusi out of the rain, wind and snow.

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